Construction Services

We provide primarily the following services:

Interior Or Exterior – New Construction & Existing Construction

*Kitchen Tear-Outs
*Bathroom Tear-Outs
*Decking -Balconies, 
*Driveways, Walkways
*Foundations, Retaining Walls

Cut Your House in Half for Partial Remodel!
Fully Scrape Down your House to Start Fresh!

Excavation & Grading

*Exterior Landscaping Prep
*Dig for a New Addition
*Transform your Basement into Extra Living Space
*Bump Out an Existing Wall for Expansion
*PUD – Planned Unit Development. Condo-Townhouse
*ADU– Accessory Dwelling Unit:
*Mother-In-Law Unit
*Guest House
*Yoga Studio or Office Spaces
*Foundation Digging
*Airbnb Apartment
*She Shed – Man Cave
*Basement – Storage Space
*New Swimming Pool
*Tear Out Old Fence – Drill for New!
*Level Spot for your Trampoline or Garden
*Indoor/Outdoor Living Spaces


*Drill Piers for an Addition
*Drill for a Retaining Wall

If you are looking for shallow (less than 13 feet) drilling services for construction or landscaping purposes, Campbell Services is perfect for you! For example if you are looking to drill:
*A Drainage Catch Basin
*Large 15 Gallon Trees? We can Drill Holes to Plant Them

So CALL NOW and let the drilling begin!

Concrete removal

Looking to demo a driveway?
Want to remove a back patio?
Does that walkway not look so great?  Tripping Hazard?
Doing some hardscape remodeling?
Or, are you a contractor that needs a Concrete Removal job done right?

*Saw Cutting in Areas that require Pipes or Paths to accommodate Trellis & Roof 

We can solve these problems quickly and inexpensively.  We will rapidly break up the old concrete or asphalt and load it in one of our dumpsters.  Then we will grade the soil left behind so that it is smooth and ready for your next phase.  We will use concrete recycling facilities not landfills.

Environmentally Friendly! 

Here to answer your questions!


*French Drains
*Drainage Systems to suit your needs around the Yard, Driveway, House
*Flood Prevention
*Drought Prevention – Water Conservation
*Water Tank Storage Systems – Inground

Retaining Walls

We Build:

*Concrete Block Retaining Walls 
*Wood Retaining Walls
*Decorative Rock Walls

We are always eager to talk to you about how we can best serve you.

Briefly: If you are a contractor or a serious do-it-yourself’er and you need a demolition team to tear down a building, break up and remove concrete or asphalt, clear the land, grade the soil and haul all the debris away, we are the professionals for you!